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Planting Hope Foundation – Education | Development | Care
Important Notice: COVID-19 Emergency Relief: Help the most vulnerable families, women, children and the elderly in South Africa >>

We seek to improve the development and quality of life for disadvantaged children by fostering proper moral values and virtues into their lives through leadership, cognitive, and behavioural programmes and interventions.  We manage and facilitate transformational and rehabilitation programmes for institutionalised juvenile offenders with the notion that proper holistic education and guidance is the catalyst in the reduction of crime and recidivism in South Africa. 


We aim to mobilize the resources needed to finance and support our Sustainable Community Development and Social Economic Empowerment Goals in solving the problems of poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, inequality and environmental sustainability in South Africa by ‘working together’ with other stakeholders, donors and supporters to address these social ills through effective, responsible and accountable measures of socio-economic development interventions.


We support the most vulnerable, underprivileged and disadvantaged people in our communities of operation with special emphasis been placed on families and children living in the lower-income, semi-urban and rural areas of our country that have a need in training and education, food shortages, essential services, trauma counselling and spiritual care and guidance.  We currently place special attention on those suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent acts of violence and destruction that affective certain areas of our country.


We are a non-profit, Public- Benefit Organisation (PBO) in terms of Section 18a of the Income Tax Act of South Africa.

With the help and support of like-minded partners, donors, and supporters and in collaboration with different spheres of government including other humanitarian agencies and enterprises, we aim to dedicate our missionary goals and collective resources to promote and advance the stability and transformation of the socio-economic landscape in our country.  We intend on doing so by targeting certain key areas of public development and service delivery to the most vulnerable, disadvantages and underprivileged people in our community in regards to Poverty, Unemployment, Inequality, Education, Food Insecurity, Environmental Stability and the irradication of Crime and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) within society. 


Our Team

Our team is a dedicated group of passionate, visionary leaders whose primary objective is focused on the upliftment and empowerment of the most vulnerable communities in South Africa, through the development and implementation of programmes, initiatives and interventions which concentrates on key areas of community and public service.  We strongly believe in relationships as the cornerstone of unity, strength and opportunity by forging partnerships with other stakeholders and like-minded individuals and private enterprises to achieve optimal integrity, growth, accountability and good governance.

Michael Gobel, Sr.


Author  of  “The Honour Program” and the “PEDI Program”

Jada Gobel

Co-Founder/International Liaison Officer

Logan Naidoo

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Shamla Naidoo

Co-Founder/Executive Director


As a registered Public Benefit Organisation in terms of Section 18a of the Income Tax Act of South Africa, we provide creative solutions to Community Development, Disaster Relief and Public Benefit Services!

Planting HOPE Foundation is a registered ‘Non-Profit’ (Registration No.: K2020/269893), Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) (Registration No.: 930071119), Section 18a Tax Exempt and Black Economic Empowerment “B-BBEE (Level 2)” Compliant organisation. 

We began this organisation with a mission, vision and purpose to make a difference in this world, especially in terms of educating our youth, sustainable community development, humanitarian aid, environmental care and the assisting some of the most vulnerable citizens and communities in our region.  We cannot over-emphasize the importance of partnerships and collaboration in seeking funding and support from both corporate as well as individual donors and supporters for our existing and new projects, initiatives and interventions.  These principles are embedded within the framework of our organisational structure as defined by our goals and priorities as set out in our Constitition that embraces the diversity of the communities in which we live and operate.

We invite all corporate and ‘like-minded’ philanthropists to become part of our mission that wishes to make a significant and lasting impact in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves in our country.


All donations, contributions and/or corporate sponsorships made to Planting HOPE Foundation on or before 28 February 2022 is tax deductible in the hands of the donor.  As a Section 18a we are able to issue any corporate and individual donor (donations above R2500) with a Section 18a Tax Exempt Receipt.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief

At present, the needs of the most vulnerable families and individuals in disadvantaged and lower-income communities, far exceeds the availability of resources and funding we have at our disposal in terms of food, blankets, face masks and other essential items.  Your donations would therefore go a long way in helping this cause.

Education & Training

As a result of the current restrictions been placed on us in terms of scheduled visitations to schools, Universities and prisons, we have had to restructure our educational & training programmes and interventions with the emphasis on online/virtual courses and programmes which will be informative for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Restorative Justice

The cornerstone of Planting HOPE Foundation is based on a evidence-based, Advanced Restorative Justice programme which was written by our Co-Founder, Michael Gobel, Sr.  This programme guides students (offenders) to identify the life-controlling behavioural and cognitive issues that led to their incarceration and to take responsibility for the impact of the crime on the victims, families and the community at large. 

Community Building

Outreach & Mission is at the heart of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we do as a community-based, non-profit organisation.  Planting HOPE Foundation’s founders have first-hand experience of what compassion, forgiveness and consideration can have on the socio-economic stability and unity of a family and community.  The strength of any community lies in its peace and stability that comes from proper moral values, virtues, laws and principles that govern humanity. 

Youth Development

Planting HOPE Foundation seeks to deepen its involvement and investment in the youth of this country by way of designing and implementing initiatives that target Youth Development.  Our youth programmes and inititatives focuses on life skills,  youth led entrepreneurship, spiritual care and employment creation.  We invite ‘youth development minded and youth serving organizations’ to partner with us in delivering support structures for youth participation initiatives and interventions.

Faith-based Counselling

Planting HOPE Foundation approaches alcohol and drug addiction, trauma counselling and rehabilitation from a spiritual perspective.  We view addiction not from a point of judgment or persecution but as an attempt to compensate for an inner sense of spiritual emptiness.  We teach how to strengthen a persons spiritual foundation in order to help the individual abstain from drugs and alcohol or any other forms of addiction that would destabilise the persons life and the lives of their family members.

Environmental and Natural Resource Management

We wish to broaden our footprint in the area of Environmental Sustainability, especially in the semi-urban and rural areas of South Africa by strengthening the community awareness to the impact that waste, pollution and soil erosion not to mention the lack of education and knowledge of the world around us, places on the compounding stress of the environment as well as on economic, social and political climate of our country.

Transformation & Reconciliation

At the heart of ‘Transformation and Reconciliation’ (as a public benefit service) within Planting HOPE Foundation is the Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) Intervention which is managed by the Victim Offender Dialogue Institute of South Africa (VODISA).  The purpose and function of the Institute is to offer victims of crime (especially violent crimes) the opportunity to receive trauma and crisis counselling ‘free-of-charge’.  Where possible, the Institute will assist in consultation with the offender and the victim/s and/or victims family in working with the Department of Correctional Services to assist in the process of VOD – prior to the re-integration of the offender been placed on parole. 

Food Insecurity

Finding innovative ways to address the major problems we face with food insecurity in our country, especially with the lack of resources, education and access to informal type financial assistance and other means of funding to assist lower income and rural communities in terms of creating self-sustainable farming and/or other forms of entrepreneurial initiatives – at a time when income disparities in South Africa are increasing. In many parts of South Africa, especially in our rural communities, the number of people living in absolute poverty is sharply on the rise.  Our mission is to partner with other companies and institutions that could help us facilitate such programmes and workshops that would equip these communities with the necessary skills to become more self-reliant rather than having to depend on government or other forms of charitable interventions.

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Community Priority Projects

As a ‘non-profit’ community and public benefit organisation, Planting HOPE Foundation urgently appeals to individual donors and supporters – including private companies and enterprises, for funding, essential resources and assistance to help us in our endevour to fulfil our missionary goals in the various areas of community projects and service delivery. 

The spirit and strength of community development lies in sustainable projects to which the founders set their vision on for Planting HOPE Foundation.  They chose to adopt a ‘community’ foundation model.  The basis of this model was to engage communities in working together towards improving their own communities so that they are able to take charge and lead their own development agenda; mobilize existing local resources and invest the resources to meet both present and future development needs. 

Emergency Relief

In partnership with Shoprite/Checkers and volunteers from various local Churches, we are able to feed over a 1000 of the most vulnerable people in the poorest of communities in Pietermaritzburg each week.

Wonderbag Campaign

In partnership with Wonderbag and Community Chest, we are able to supply the ‘original’ Wonderbag to communities in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal – for the benefit of ECD and community empowerment.

‘Gift of HOPE’

With the help and support of generous donors, supporters and volunteers we are able to create ‘gifts of hope’ parcels for the most vulnerable children in our community during this festive season.  Kindly consider a donation of goods, children toys, shoes, stationary, clothes or dry food items. 

‘Virtual’ Rehabilitation Initiative

Our aim is to partner with an IT Tech company to implement the first ‘virtual’ platform via Zoom for the implementation of ‘The Honour Programme’ – as the first digital rehabilitation and transformation intervention for the Department of Correctional Services in South Africa.

IT Youth Development Project

In partnership with the corporate sector, we plan to create an IT training facility from where we will be able to take children from low-income homes and disadvantaged backgrounds to teach them basic Microsoft and other computer/technical skills.  

The Aquaponic Farming Project

With the help of other stakeholders, donors and supporters, Planting HOPE Foundation wishes to mobilize communities and resources – promoting and implementing an environmentally friendly Aquaponic, self-sustainable farming system for rural farmers to begin small scale commercial farming through training and acquiring access to resources.

Partnerships and Affiliations

Partnerships and Affiliations are the building blocks of Accountability, Transparency and Appreciation.


Contact us

Join our Community of like-minded, humanitarian thinkers, supporters and donors who are passionate and committed to helping the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and underprivileged communities and people in South Africa.  We treasure your input, support, communication and financial assistance and pledge our total commitment, dedication and work ethic as a non-profit and public-benefit organisation to deliver to those in need, the best possible service and support with the necessary resources and funds donated to us.